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Concept Concept 12/14/2016
Products: Automation Server, AS-B, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Alarms
Product version: 1.9

Notification Distribution Methods

There are four different ways to distribute a notification to a recipient:

  • Client

  • Email

  • SNMP

  • Write to File

Client Notification Distribution Method

The client notification distribution method displays the notification as a system tray popup in WorkStation when the configured alarm or variable condition is met.

Email Notification Distribution Method

Notifications distributed by email are sent through the SMTP protocol when the configured alarm or variable condition is met. If the recipient is a user account and the notification is triggered by an alarm, the notification is only displayed if the logged on user is authorized to view the alarm. You can either use a predefined SMTP server provided by Schneider Electric or use your own SMTP server.

For more information, see Email Notification Distribution Method .

SNMP Notification Distribution Method

SNMP alarms are typically used when the alarm receiver does not have access to Building Operation software or when a central unit, for example the IT department, wants to collect alarms from different sources in one place.

For more information, see SNMP Notification Distribution Method .

Write to File Notification Distribution Method

The write to file notification is written to a text file when the configured notification condition is met.

For more information, see Write to File Notification Distribution Method .

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