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How to How to 5/14/2018
Products: AD v2, AD v1, Technician Tool for Android, Technician Tool for iOS
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Acknowledging an Alarm

You acknowledge an alarm to let other users know that you have seen the alarm. When you log on to Technician Tool, the Alarms list is displayed. You can select and acknowledge multiple alarms.

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To acknowledge an alarm
  1. In Technician Tool, tap Alarm .

  2. Tap Active .

  3. Tap the alarm you want to acknowledge from the Active alarm list and then tap Acknowledge .

  4. Tap Acknowledge for iOS or tap for Android. Tap and hold the alarm to view details of the alarm and then tap Acknowledge .

    In the Active Alarms list, select single or multiple alarms you want to acknowledge and tap Acknowledge .

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