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Concept Concept 6/28/2018
Products: Automation Server, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, WorkStation, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Engineering
Product version: 2.0, 2.1

Content Types

Content types are predefined layouts that you save to reuse for specific types of folders or container objects.

In an EcoStruxure BMS with an Enterprise Server and SmartX servers, you create content types on the Enterprise Server. The content types are then available for reuse on SmartX servers. In this case, you cannot create new content types on the SmartX servers. In an EcoStruxure BMS with only one SmartX server, you can create new content types on the SmartX server.

You can apply content types on folders and other container objects, such as search, interfaces, and applications, provided you have the Write permission to that folder or container object. You can revert your layout changes to factory default.

The content type controls what is displayed when you open the folder or container object in the List View. You use the List View to configure new content types. In a content type you can save the following properties:

  • the columns to include or exclude

  • the column width

  • the order in which the columns are displayed

  • the content sort order

  • the content group

For example, you want the Alarms folders to display the columns: Name, Description, Upper limit, and Lower limit. You increase the width of the Description column and then name and save the content type. When you create an Alarms2 folder where you want the same layout and columns, you apply the saved content type on the Alarms2 folder to get the same type of appearance.

Content types are saved in the Content Types folder in the System folder in the EcoStruxure Building Operation database. Content types saved on an Enterprise Server are propagated to SmartX servers in the EcoStruxure BMS.

When you save layout changes to a folder or container object as a content type, the changes are only applied on that specific folder or container object and for all users who view the folder or container object. Other folders or container objects in the EcoStruxure BMS are not affected. If you edit the layout of a folder or container object of a saved content type and save it under the existing content type name, the existing content type is overwritten. In this case, the layout of all folders or container objects of that content type are changed.

You can import and export content types. When you import or export a folder or other container object with a specific content type, the reference to the content type is included in the import or export file.

You can delete content types that you no longer need. When you delete a content type, you delete the content type for all the folders or container objects of that type. The layout of these folders or container objects is then reverted to their factory default layouts.

If you have made personal changes to a folder or container object, you can save the changes as a favorite. When you apply a favorite on a folder or container object, the favorite configuration overrides the content type. For more information, see Favorites .

Content Type Synchronization

When you have predefined content types that you want to use for specific types of folders or container objects on an EcoStruxure BMS server, you can reuse the content types on another EcoStruxure BMS server. You reuse the content types by configuring a lead-shadow relationship on the shadow object.

For more information, see Content Type Synchronization .

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