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Concept Concept 5/14/2018
Products: AD v2, AD v1, Technician Tool for Android, Technician Tool for iOS
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Technician Tool Overview

Technician Tool is used to access the functions in Building Operation. You use Technician Tool to view and monitor all work on a daily basis in Building Operation. You can change the value for an event to control the output state of a device. You can also force a value when you want to override a value, such as a value from a device.

Log On

You log on to Technician Tool to securely access the functions in Building Operation. You can log on directly from Favorites if the SmartStruxure server is added or by typing log on credentials.

For more information, see Logging on to Technician Tool .

For more information, see Logging on to Technician Tool using Favorites .

User Account Profile Workflow

User accounts are used to control user activities in Technician Tool.

For example, in Workstation, you create a Custom View that contains variables of a Campus that you want to monitor from Technician Tool. The Campus has four buildings: Administration, East, South, and Northwest.

You then create the user profiles that have access to a specific part of the building:

  • A team dedicated to East aisle, having access to all information of Building - East

  • A team dedicated to South aisle, having access to energy values in Read/Write and HVAC value in Read only mode of Building - South

  • A team dedicated to the entire Building

For more information, see User Account Profile Workflow .


You can add SmartStruxure servers and folders to Favorites, so you can quickly access them. When you add a SmartStruxure server in Favorites, you can log on directly without typing the SmartStruxure server IP address, name, and password. You can group SmartStruxure servers in the folders added in Favorites.

For more information, see Adding a SmartStruxure Server to Favorites .

For more information, see Adding a Folder to Favorites .


In Technician Tool, you can display the Building Operation database in two ways:

  • Custom view: Displays only the objects and folders that you want to see in the order that you want.

  • System view: Displays the entire tree structure of Building Operation as it appears in WorkStation.

For more information, see Custom View .

For more information, see System .


You are notified by alarms when an important event occurs. For example, if the temperature is too low or too high in a building, if a window is open, or if something is broken, such as a fan. The system administrator sets up the alarms and decides to whom the alarm is sent.

For more information, see Alarms .


By default, iphone presents language, date, time, currency, unit, and decimals according to the regional settings of your iphone.

Technician Tool supports several different languages (English, French, Swedish, German, Finnish, and Spanish). You can change the language of your iphone to view the Technician Tool user interface in a different language.

After you change the language, you need to restart the Technician Tool and log on again for the changes to take effect.


Use Search to filter out the objects and variables in Custom View and System so that you do not have to browse through the long list of variables to locate the ones that concern you. Searches are folder based. You can search for the objects and variables within a particular folder.

For more information, see Search .

Technician Tool and WebStation Differences

There are a number of differences in functionality between Technician Tool and WebStation.

For more information, see Technician Tool and WebStation Differences .

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