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Drag and Drop Context Menu – New Submenu
Use the New submenu to create new alarms or trends. By default, the alarms or trends are created in the same folder as the value they are based on.
Column Row Context Menu
Use the column row context menu to manage the presentation of information in an Alarm, Event, or Watch pane or View or in the List View.
Extended Trend Logs
You use an extended trend log to store records from a trend log. An extended trend log can be connected to a trend log or connected in a series to another extended trend log. Only one extended trend log can be connected to a trend log​ or another extended trend log.
Trend Log List Event Icons
Use the trend log list event icons to get information on different trend log events.
When you make layout or filter changes to certain panes and views, you can save the changes as a favorite. The purpose of the favorite is to quickly and temporarily change the Standard layout and narrow what is displayed in the pane or view by applying the favorite filter conditions.
Adding a Trend Log to a Multi Trend Log List 
You add a trend log to a multi trend log list to display values from the trend log and compare them to values of other trend logs already in the multiple trend logs list, for example, when commissioning or validating an EcoStruxure BMS.
Assigning a Series to a Y-Axis
You assign a trend chart series to a y-axis to make the chart easier to read. When using two axes, you can set different y-axis scales for the series.
Attaching a Calculation Method to a Trend Chart Series
You attach a calculation method to a trend chart series to process the recorded values and present the result.

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