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Getting Connect Agent Debug Information
You need debug information to analyse why the crash information is not available on Connect storage server. Debug information is retrieved from the crash log files.
Configuring Connect Agent Settings
You configure the Connect Agent Settings to enable the agent to transfer the crash information of the EcoStruxure BMS servers to the Connect storage server.
Creating a User Account Group
You create a user account group to make it easier to manage users who require the same software permissions and workspaces.
Enabling the Archiving Function and Defining the Archive Folder
Prior to generating an archive, you activate the archiving function and define a path to a directory on the computer running Enterprise Server, Enterprise Central, or another location, where you want to store the archives.
Creating a Scheduled Archive
You configure the Archive settings and schedule on the Enterprise Server or Enterprise Central to automate the archiving process.
Manually Creating an Archive
You create an archive manually to preserve the historical data on an Enterprise Server or an Enterprise Central on an as-needed basis, such as before a system upgrade.
Connecting and Acquiring a Static IP Address
You connect to the network and acquire an IP address so that you can communicate with the devices on that network. Most network connections used with the eCommission SmartX Controller mobile application assign an IP address to your mobile device using DHCP, which is a type of automatic addressing. However, certain Ethernet or WiFi networks may require you to use a static IP address. Consult with the network administrator to determine if a static IP address is required.
Managing Projects in the Controller List Creator
In the Project List view of the Controller List Creator function, you can view existing projects and delete or create new ones.
Launching and Activating the eCommission SmartX Controllers Mobile Application
You launch and then activate the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application so that it can be used.
Downloading and Starting the eCommission SmartX Controllers Mobile Application
Start the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application to perform commissioning, flow balance, and checkout operations on MP Series controllers.

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