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Specifications Specifications 5/14/2018
Products: Technician Tool for iOS
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 1.8, 1.9

Technician Tool Mobile App for iOS


Technician Tool Mobile Application is available on iPhone and iPad for day-to-day operation of StruxureWare Building Operation software. Technician Tool can connect to SmartStruxure Solution (SmartStruxure servers), and provides easy access to the system from anywhere in the world.


Technician Tool provides a portable, simplified user interface to access the SmartStruxure servers without using a dedicated workstation or having to carry a laptop around. Users can receive and acknowledge alarms, view graphics, as well as view and manage values, schedules, and trend log lists.

Secure user accounts

Users log on using the same account for Technician Tool, WorkStation, and WebStation. No need to remember multiple passwords or user names. The log on information can be saved for easy access.

Monitor and change values

Browse the system with the familiar system tree structure. View a customized list of available variables thanks to software permissions. For example, the HVAC maintenance team does not have access to electrical distribution variables. View current values, such as temperature setpoints or lighting settings, and change them as needed. You can even force function block program values to fine-tune equipment. Create your list of favorites from StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation to have immediate access to the most commonly used variables.

Simplified alarm view

View active and unacknowledged color-coded alarms in an easy-to-use list. Acknowledge alarms so that other users know actions are being taken.

Stunning graphics capability

View graphics stored locally in the SmartStruxure servers. Technician Tool offers straightforward access to the same amazing vector-based graphics as WorkStation.

Easy-to-read trend logs

The software can trend data in many ways, including a periodic method (every day, hour, minute) and a change-of-value (COV) method that only records when a defined threshold has been passed. These trend logs can be shown in trend lists.

Intuitive schedules

Energy efficiency is achieved when equipment is running only when necessary. Schedules manage that process through a graphical interface that is easy-to-use. View and edit schedules and calendars. Change times with a few simple taps. Schedules go beyond the basic on and off control by enabling direct control of analog values. For example, users can set schedule events to percentages to control lighting levels without writing a program.

Easy access to common objects

Access commonly used objects, including schedules, using the Custom View. Additionally, you can store your commonly used SmartStruxure server addresses and credentials with a friendly name in the Favorites list and organize those Favorites in folders.

Language settings

The user interface automatically adapts to the language settings on the device.

Server side
SmartStruxure servers
Minimum: 1.6.1
Minimum: 1.7 for graphics support
For more information, see Enterprise Server, Automation Server, AS-P, and AS-B specification sheets.
Client side
Minimum: iPad 2
Minimum: iPhone 4
Operating system
iOS 7.1 to 10.x
Building Operation Technician Tool is available directly from the iTunes App Store. The app appears as SmartBldgOp on the device when installed.
Link to the application:
IP connection security
Having a secured IP connection to the site is the responsibility of the user.
Site requires Technician Tool mobile access license for SmartStruxure server log on. See part numbers to order license.
Licenses are linked to a complete system. The limitation applies to concurrent connections to a specific SmartStruxure server.
Part numbers
SW-MAP-1, Technician Tool Mobile App access option – 1 user
For 1 concurrent user for site per license.
(No maintenance subscription included)
SW-MAP-2, Technician Tool Mobile App access option – 10 users
For up to 10 concurrent users for site per license.
(No maintenance subscription included)
SW-MAP-3, Technician Tool Mobile App access option – 25 users
For up to 25 concurrent users for site per license.
(No maintenance subscription included)
SW-MAP-4, Technician Tool Mobile App access option – unlimited users
For unlimited number of concurrent users for site per license.
(No maintenance subscription included)



Trend log list

Trend log list





Program values

Program values

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