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Concept Concept 4/12/2017
Products: Automation Server, AS-B, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 1.9


Backup is the process of copying and storing data so that the copy can be used to restore data if a loss occurs. You can also use a backup to revert to an older version. In Building Operation, you can perform backups on an all SmartStruxure servers and their devices. SmartStruxure server backups should take place during non-business hours.

Using WorkStation, you can back up data to the local drive of each installed Building Operation server. Building Operation stores the files by date in a predefined directory location on the server to which Workstation is connected. For more information, see Backup Sets .

Types of Data

In Building Operation, you can choose to back up different types of data.

For more information, see Types of Data .

Backup Sets

Backup sets are compressed backup files used for restoring data. Building Operation stores the local backup set for an Enterprise Server or SmartStruxure server devices in the Local folder within the Backup sets folder.

For more information, see Backup Sets .

Scheduled Backups

A scheduled backup is an automated way to back up data on a SmartStruxure server. You can back up SmartStruxure servers individually using each SmartStruxure server’s local backup rule. You can also use backup rules to synchronize the backups of all the SmartStruxure servers on your network.

For more information, see Scheduled Backups .

Manual Backups

Manual Backup is a non-automated process of copying and storing data on a selected SmartStruxure server. You can use this option to create backups on an as-needed basis. You can also manually restore the data at any time.

For more information, see Manual Backups .

Mass Backup

Mass backup is a method of performing a manual, simultaneous backup of all the SmartStruxure servers in the network, which is useful for capturing data at a critical point, such as prior to an upgrade. You can choose which SmartStruxure servers you want to back up along with the type of data for each.

For more information, see Mass Backup .

System Backup

Before upgrading the system, it is strongly recommended that you archive the historical data and back up the SmartStruxure servers to preserve the current data and configurations. If you plan to upgrade WebReports, be sure to back up the Reports database in SQL Server.

For more information, see System Backup .

Backup Status

Backup Status displays the statuses of a SmartStruxure server: Ready, Backing up, or Backup succeeded.

For more information, see Backup Status .

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