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Concept Concept 4/27/2017
Products: Automation Server, AS-B, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 1.9

Types of Data

In Building Operation, you can choose to back up different types of data.

Building Operation provides two backup options:

  • Configuration only : This option makes a back up the configuration database and and is useful for new installations. Configuration data includes points, values, alarm objects, trend objects, programs, graphics, and custom object type data.

    The Configuration only option also includes the configuration properties of variables, such as Unit. Depending on the retain level of the variable, some configuration properties like Value are also included in a backup. For more information, see Retain Level .

  • All data : This option makes a back up of the configuration database and the historical data. Historical data is trend logs and event logs. The option All data is useful for existing systems,

Note Note

Depending on the type of data, the system locks changes to the database while a backup is in progress in different ways. For configuration changes, Building Operation queues up the changes until the backup completes. For historical data changes, Building Operation buffers the data based on the limits of the buffer size.

Impact on Configuration Values and Variables

When you back up a SmartStruxure server specifying either Configuration only or All data, Building Operation includes all the configuration values that are specified for the SmartStruxure server’s objects. If you restore the SmartStruxure server, Building Operation restores these configuration values, which can overwrite any changes made since the last backup. For more information, see Retain Level .

Backup Strategy

When deciding on the frequency of SmartStruxure server backups, you should take into account the potential cost of recreating any historical or configuration data that can change since the last backup. For example, you can perform an All data backup back up a SmartStruxure server device weekly if multiple operators use their WorkStations frequently. As a precaution, you can perform a Configuration only backup before installing a new application or modifying the current configuration.

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