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Concept Concept 5/19/2017
Products: Automation Server, AS-B, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Alarms
Product version: 1.9

Alarm Decoration

If you want to override an alarm configuration for a specific alarm or group of alarms you can use an alarm decoration rule.

An alarm decoration rule is similar to a filter. In the alarm decoration rule, you configure the conditons that have to be met before the alarm decoration rule is executed on an alarm. When configuring the alarm decoration rule, you configure the alarm properties you want the alarm decoration rule to override when an alarm that meets the conditons is triggered.

You can configure the following alarm and alarm styling properties in an alarm decoration rule:

  • Alarm text message

  • Category

  • Prefix for an alarm source name

  • Alarm priority

  • Auto hide

  • Flashing alert

  • Audible alert

  • Disable state-change logging

  • Background color

  • Font color

  • Font

  • Cause note group

  • Action note group

  • Checklist

  • Required user actions

  • Alarm attachment (the new attachment is added to the original attachment)

Important Important

If you are logged on to a SmartStruxure server device, an attachment used in the the alarm decoration rule has to be stored on that SmartStruxure server device.

For example, if you configure the font, font color, and background color in an alarm decoration rule, then an alarm record that matches the alarm decoration rule criteria gets the specified colors in the Alarms pane or an Alarm View.

In the Alarm Decoration view, a preview of the selected conditions is displayed.

You can configure more than one alarm decoration rule and an alarm can meet the conditions of more than one rule. You configure the order in which the alarm decoration rules are executed by moving them up or down in a list. When an alarm that matches the conditions is triggered, the alarm decoration rules are executed from the lowest to the highest number in the list.

When an alarm changes state, the properties configured in the alarm decoration rule are still active. The original configuration can change the alarm message and the priority. If an alarm meets the conditions of a different alarm decoration rule due to a state change, the properties change according to the configuration in this alarm decoration rule. If you have not configured any font or color properties in the alarm decoration rule, the font and color properties defined in the alarm styles are applied. For more information, see Alarm Styles View .

In a multi-server system, you create the alarm decoration rule on the Enterprise Server. The alarm decoration rule is propagated to all the SmartStruxure server devices in the Building Operation system.

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