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Information Type
Trend Chart Event Icons
Use the Trend Chart event icons to get information on different trend log events.
Calculation Methods
​Use a calculation method to process the records of the trend log before presenting them in a trend log list or a trend chart. The original records in the trend log are not affected by the calculation method. The calculation method is applied to the trend log records grouped by a specific time interval.
Duplicating a SmartStruxure Server Device Using Restore 
You duplicate a SmartStruxure server from a backup set using Restore when you want to reuse configuration data from a backup set in a standalone SmartStruxure server device.
Mass Rename
In WorkStation, you can mass rename all objects that are possible to move. For example, you can rename alarms but not properties.
How Alarms Work
You are notified by alarms when some important event occurs. For example, if the temperature is too low or too high in a building, if a window is open, or if something is broken, such as a fan. The system administrator sets up the alarms and decides to whom the alarm is sent.
Alarm and Event Details
To quickly get all the details of a specific alarm or event in WorkStation, or an alarm in WebStation, you can use a Detail view. The Detail view always displays all properties that can be added and displayed in the Alarms pane, Events pane, Alarm View or Event View.
Alarm Assignments
A triggered alarm can be manually or automatically assigned to a specific user or user group that seems to be most suited to correct the problem.
Alarms Pane and Alarm View Toolbar
Use the Alarms pane and Alarm View toolbar to manage the alarms.
Events Pane and Event View Toolbar
Use the Events pane and Event View toolbar to manage the events.

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