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Using the Schneider Electric Test Email Server to Test Email Notifications
You configure a SmartStruxure server to connect and send notifications by email through the Schneider Electric Test Email Server to test that email notifications are sent and received as expected.
Types of Data
In Building Operation, you can choose to back up different types of data.
Saving a SmartStruxure Server Device Backup Set to Another Location
You save a backup set from a SmartStruxure server device to another location so you can store the backup set on, for example, a network drive or a USB memory.
Backup Set Storage and Protection
SmartStruxure servers store backup sets in their local directories. By design, the average user may not easily locate these backup directories using a Windows-based file system. For convenience, you can save backup sets stored on SmartStruxure servers to WorkStation. After saving the backup set, you can also copy the file to another backup storage location.
Alarm Types
An alarm compares the value from a monitored variable with the conditions of the alarm. Different types of alarms handle different types of variables and different forms of evaluation.
Manual Backups
Manual Backup is a non-automated process of copying and storing data on a selected SmartStruxure server. You can use this option to create backups on an as-needed basis. You can also manually restore the data at any time.
Local Backup and Restore of SmartStruxure Servers
In WorkStation, you can log on to a SmartStruxure server directly to perform manual backup and restore tasks.
Location of Backup Sets
Backup sets are stored in different locations for stand-alone systems and multi-server systems.
Remote Backup and Restore of SmartStruxure Server Devices
When you log on to an Enterprise Server, you can perform remote backups of any SmartStruxure server devices in the system. Whenever a backup occurs on the SmartStruxure server device, the system overwrites the locally stored file on the SmartStruxure server device with the new backup file. The Enterprise Server then retrieves and stores this backup file in a separate directory on the computer that runs the Enterprise Server.
Backup Sets
Backup sets are compressed backup files used for restoring data. Building Operation stores the local backup set for an Enterprise Server or SmartStruxure server devices in the Local folder within the Backup sets folder.

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