Basic Functionality

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Information Type
Installation Wizard – License Server Configuration Page
Use the License Server Configuration page to configure the address to the license server.
Installation Wizard – Installation Type Page
Use the Installation Type page to define which type of installation to perform when corresponding product is already installed on your computer or server.
Object Property Dialog Box
Use the object property dialog box to view or change the properties of a bound object. The link under each object opens a properties dialog box with a complete set of properties for that object.
Help Menu – Help Settings Submenu
Use the Help Settings submenu to select the help you want to use.
Create Object Wizard – Naming the Object Page
Use the Naming the object page to set the basic properties for the object. For objects with several types, you also select the object type.
Building Operation WorkStation Error
Use the Building Operation WorkStation Error dialog box to send a file with information about the cause of the crash to Schneider Electric.
You use Settings to view the version of the product or edit the poll rate, number of decimals, trim long names, and set the time to automatically log off the SmartStruxure server when you are not accessing it. You can also select Alarms, System, or Custom View as the default tab. You can hide or see the system properties in System tree and Custom View tree.
Acknowledging an Alarm
You acknowledge an alarm to let other users know that you have seen the alarm. When you log on to Technician Tool, the Alarms list is displayed. You can select and acknowledge multiple alarms.
Use Search to filter out the objects and variables in Custom View and System so that you do not have to browse through the long list of variables to locate the ones that concern you. Searches are folder based. You can search for the objects and variables within a particular folder.
System displays the entire tree structure of Building Operation as it appears in WorkStation.

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