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Showing a Hidden Alarm
You show a hidden alarm when you want to view or edit an alarm set to Hidden.
Alarm Assignments
A triggered alarm can be manually or automatically assigned to a specific user or user group that seems to be most suited to correct the problem.
List View Context Menu
Use the List View context menu to perform a number of operations on the selected object or objects.
Alarms Pane Context Menu
Use the Alarms pane context menu to manage the alarms in the Alarms pane.
Accessing a Notification Written to a File
You access a notification written to a file on a SmartStruxure server to read the contents.
Alarms Pane Context Menu - Alarm View Settings Submenu
Use the Alarm View Settings submenu to change the way alarms are presented.
Function Block Program Internal Alarm Properties - Alarm Settings Tab
Use the Function Block Program Internal Alarm Properties - Alarm Settings tab to change the alarm settings of a function block program internal alarm.
Alarm Objects in Multiple Servers
In a multi-server system, you create alarm objects on the Enterprise Server. These objects, such as checklists and action notes, are inherited by the SmartStruxure server devices that are connected to that Enterprise Server. The copies on the connected SmartStruxure server devices are read-only, so in order to edit them you must edit their source objects on the Enterprise Server. One advantage with this is that you can display the objects and their content on the SmartStruxure server devices even if the Enterprise Server goes offline.
Alarms Pane and Alarm View Customization
You use the Alarms pane and the Alarm View to view and administer alarms. When an alarm is triggered, it is displayed in the Alarms pane or Alarm Views together with information about the alarm. You can edit the Alarm View filter to display the Alarm View only when certain alarms are triggered. You can create and use more than one Alarm View. The Alarms pane and each Alarm View can be customized with an alarm filter to show information that is relevant to the user who supervises the alarms. Customized settings are lost when you perform a system upgrade.
Alarm Decoration
If you want to override an alarm configuration for a specific alarm or group of alarms you can use an alarm decoration rule.

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